Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We can all eat and talk again in peace...

SunChips decided to stop making that INSANELY loud "biodegradable" bag. You all tried it, and you ALL know exactly what I mean. Heading into the Giants' pre-playoff game Sunday we had a bag and thanks to good ol' Scott, everytime we tried to talk he would crinkle the bag and the sounds of a Def Leppard concert would ring throughout the car. I mean, we all know there was a secret parental conspiracy placed on junk food wrappers long ago, making sure they were loud enough for your parents to catch you sneaking into the cookie jar - but this bag was just plain ridiculous.

Check it out for yourself:

The guy's a douche, sure, but you get the point of the video. Be glad someone over SunChips was smart enough to realize it was better to have consumers still buy their products, than file a class action lawsuit against them for deafening anyone who purchased their products.

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