Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's "Best"

I thought since it's Friday and most of you are already tired from the week and ready for the weekend, I'd give you a nice cross-section of the things I come across on Friday's while I'm waiting for the clock to tick down to the time appropriate to take off the tie and crack open or beer or ten.

My first find today was something that had me crackin' up for a good minute at my desk.

We all know people like this who absolutely have to go to all the "cool" shows and see all the "new" bands that no one has heard of, just so they can be like "awe, man...I used to like these guys back before they were big, now they just sold out." I can name at least a half dozen people I know who would go watch me with a harmonica and a fuckin' triangle if tickets were "like, just about to sell out to his super underground, no one knows about, show." Sorry homie, when they "sell out" they are making money, and strangely enough - get WAY more fans. Which in turn makes them more money. I'm sure there are a ton of prideful bums out there, who refused to sell out, but now they can't even get your loose change.

I also came across this one:

It's just a website, but in my line of work this is hilarious. These guys aren't actually brokers - they're traders on the exchange for the most part - either way, it's a great concept, and one I'll be checking in on regularly for a quick pick me up. The link doesn't work, so just copy and paste it if you're not a ra-tard. Here's a preview:

This next one I thought was perfect for us twenty somethings since we ALL remember the little tricks we had to make our bootsy-ass Nintendo games work. No matter what - your trick was ALWAYS the best. I remember one trick was to literally bang the shit out of the case inside the console. But I'll be damned if Blades of Steel didn't come in crystal clear right afterwards. If you don't find this funny, you can go to hell, 'cause this shit is funny.

taken from
I mean, who thinks this stuff up?

Finally, something a little sad to hear to make you all thankful this didn't happen to you:

This is the link to an article about a couple of meth-heads down in Salinas who tried to sell their 6 month old baby for 25 buck outside of a Wal-Mart. Yeah. Idiots, right? Don't they know Wal-Mart already sells human babies? Sheesh. But seriously, $25 buck for a baby. I can't really even wrap my head around that. A baby has to be the most depreciating asset on the planet. That's not even a good investment, unless you turn around and sell it to some Asian sex-trade business for maybe $100.

I kidd, I kidd. Maybe some pictures would help us understand...

Typical meth lesions, and this chick looks like she is 16, maybe.

Honestly though...I'm pretty glad someone had the common sense to report this to the police, because, the only thing worse than a parent who is willing to sell their baby for $25 is a parent who is willing to BUY A BABY FOR $25 OUTSIDE OF A WAL-MART [IN SALINAS]!!!

With that, Happy Friday. Go enjoy your weekend. I know I will.

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