Thursday, September 2, 2010

More of the Gross-Eater Guy Chronicles

I had to catch this one on the fly since I was being followed, but if you look closely you'll notice the picture is that of the familiarly messy desk of Gross-Eater Guy; and, what we have here is a full Big Gulp right next to an EMPTY Big Gulp from Club 7-1-1. I mean, I'm not sure any water has entered this man's veins since Reagan was President. If that...The crazy thing about this picture is the fact that this is a daily occurrence.

Seriously though, I don't think I've ever even consumed a Big Gulp. I do know I always wanted to fill one of those giant cups with some Slurpee when I was 12, but shit, I used to eat Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, It's It Ice Cream Sandwiches, Funyuns, and Welch's Grape Soda for lunch every-damn-day in Junior High. Gross. Duh. Odds are if you are a product of HUSD, you did too. But now that we realize how unhealthy all that shit is we stopped eating like that. At least most of us.

Until I'm fully disgusted by another sighting...Rick.

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