Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's a shame MTV took the "M" out of their programming. I miss watching the TOP 20 Countdown from back around 1995-1997. Fuck TRL, but the TOP 20 was awesome. I bet this video would've gotten some love had they still actually played music videos when this song came out.

Listening to the song, I find myself thinking about the past. A lot. But who doesn't? After all, everything we happen to be is based on what has happened to us in the past, right? Right. BUT, I think it's important to realize that our past does not dictate our future. Sure we've all made some mistakes or done some things we regret (if you are one of those people who always says, "no regrets" you're a damn liar and you know it), but the important thing to realize is that nothing, absolutely NOTHING, will change what has already taken place. Move on from it. Learn from it, but move on.

One of the minimalist bloggers I follow (and have referenced in the past) recently posted something about this that resonated with me in a number of ways. Everett Bogue over at Far Beyond The Stars, writes:
"The reality is that the past is dead. It happened, it shaped who you are, but
it’s gone now.

And it’s never coming back.

No matter how many Facebook messages you send to your high school ex-girlfriend/boyfriend when you’re drunk at night, you’re never going to be 17 again. You’re never going to share the connection you had then.

No matter how many times you look at that picture of the perfect Halloween, with the displaced tribe of a dozen remarkable individuals, they’ll never be together again in the same way.

And this is okay. The world changes. We evolve into new and better
individuals every single day."

Take some time to actually think about that. How many times have you caught yourself telling stories about awesome times in the past, instead of getting out there and actually creating awesome times in the present?

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