Thursday, November 11, 2010

24 Hour - Potrero

Sure, your gym bathrooms don't smell like a thousand animals pissed themselves and died immediately after. And, sure, you get a towel without having to pay extra. You don't have characters like this guy. I'm willing to bet you even have people that put the weights back where they belong. Your pool probably has the correct chemical balance, and you might even have some classes that aren't overflowing out of the door.

I'll show you what you don't have though:

Yup. Big ass windows looking out towards the Pacific, right next to the weight sets. As the sun goes down a little further, you can actually see Sutro Tower in the distance and catch some pretty amazing views of the city lights.

And of course, Sports Basement. I also pay less than $15/month for access to any club since I've been a member for so long. Not too shabby.

Fair to say, however, the view outside is much better than the "view" inside.

1 comment:

  1. I probably shouldn't bring up the view from my afternoon run down Goleta Beach bluffs. Please come visit.

    I miss you.