Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Turns out people have been really interested to hear that I'm moving.

Well to be fair, it actually turned out that people were more interested in my hastily thrown together list of things I would miss and, maybe more-so, the things I would NOT miss about the Mission. As a result, my blog was featured on two of the bigger Blogs in SF: Mission Mission and CurbedSF. I've had 1545 page views today alone - almost a quarter of all views since I started this thing.

While I appreciate the love and the new readership, it definitely made me realize I need to be careful what I put out there on a public forum. Not only did my post originally tell people where I was moving, I had a fuckin' picture of the house up and everything. Genius.

It also turns out not everybody thinks the pop culture references I make are exactly PC. *Sigh*. If only I was a black comedian. I'd be able to make fun of everyone and anything and it would be okay (see what I did there?). One commenter over on the Mission Mission site, likened my Bebe's kids reference to the term "pickanninies". Really?

The fact is, the Bebe's kids reference had nothing to do with historical racism. The movie came out in 1992, based on the stand up of Robin Harris (1953-1990). Guess what? He was black. In fact, the only reason I used the reference was because the way the kids in the street were acting is spot on the way the characters in the actual animated film acted (for some reason I had the VHS) - with complete disrespect towards other people. But I digress.


It's the night before Thanksgiving. Supposedly one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. This is when all the college students come home to be with their families for the weekend, but realize how much 'home' actually bores the living shit out of them. Naturally, not wanting to sit around and play, "What are you doing when you graduate?" with Gram and Gramps, and Uncle Mike, everyone calls up their friends that are still in town or back from wherever, and they all get together to drink.

So I ask you, why are you still reading this? Why am I still typing this. Go work on that hangover that'll earn you that 3000 calorie meal and a good nap while your Aunt Betsie brags about her middle-school age daughter who made the "honor roll" for the first time.

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