Friday, January 7, 2011

San Francisco: The Smartest City?

It has been long debated that San Francisco has (per capita) the most educated population of any city in the country - as measured by most college degrees. Well, if that's the case, we need to get these people to take a class called "Costco 101". I mean, seriously? I walk into the Costco on 10th St. in SoMa, and all of a sudden it's like people have been smacked with a stupid stick.

Granted, half the people are there just to hammer down 30 samples of See's Candy, mixed nuts, Crystal Geysers and random chunks of meat - but still. Proper citizenship (and standard shopping protocol) dictates that you don't ditch your cart in the middle of the walkway and run towards the food like a lemming to the ocean. You have eaten before, haven't you? The samples are FREE, and guess what...THEY AREN'T GOING TO RUN OUT!!! The people standing there are paid by the hour, not by the sample. Relax. Fuck.

You know what my dream shopping experience would be? Costco. Supermarket Sweep style. With a cart that has FOUR SMOOTH WHEELS. Wait a minute... I'd kill a third world infant just to have a smooth rolling cart on a normal, packed Costco shopping experience. I don't get it. Are the people so hungry for samples that they are chewing on the wheels to hold themselves over?

Plus side? You can order food at the checkoout line and walk right up and grab it without waiting in that ridiculous line. Large pizza? No worries. You want that chicken bake? Done. One of them swirl "fro-yos". You got it. The best deal in the world? Straight ahead. The workers and powers that be have their shit together. The customers? Not so much.

For sanity sake, let's not even get into the parking situation.

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