Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Greatest Deal in Town (any town)

I consider myself to be a pretty thrifty guy (skipping Christmas/Birthday gifts when I can) - but choosing to splurge on certain big ticket items when I feel the need. However, there is one indisputable fact of cheapness out there. The HANDS DOWN cheapskatiest meal on the planet is the Costco Hot Dog and Soda (w/refill) Combo for a buck fitty! Literally $1.50. And the best part is, it's been the same for the last 25 years! When the CEO was asked what it would mean if that ever changed, he replied:
"That I'm dead. It's amazing how creative we have been to figure out ways to
keep the price down. It was a Sinai hot dog, and now it's a Kirkland Signature hot dog. It's actually 4.4 ounces, so it's slightly bigger than a quarter pound now. It's a drink and a free refill on the drink for a buck fifty. We used to sell the soda in a can, and we put in soda machines, which took the price down. We improved the cost of the condiments, we've purchased better on buns and things like that. It's the same quality hot dog, all beef, the best ingredients that you can imagine. I know it sounds crazy making a big deal about a hot dog, but we spend a lot of time on it."

Costco CEO for President 2012? I'm game. He said "buck fifty". I'm sold.

*I'm pretty sure someone in that pic is ordering 5 hot dogs... (via SF Citizen).

Seriously though, I remember the dreaded trips to Costco of my youth when I used to feign a sore back just so I didn't have to spend hours in there having my achilles crushed by 350,000 Asian shoppers who drive a cart worse than their Honda Civics. Beyond the cartilage damage though, I distinctly remember Costco having the most awesome deal on a meal in the world.

Not only that, but I remember how much crap people would walk out of there with. Today was an example. I wanted to pickup toothpaste, salmon, and peanut butter - all relatively expensive stuff that are relatively cheap when purchased in bulk. But of course, IT'S effin' COSTCO! Naturally, I walked out of there with what I "needed" plus:

  • A new pair of Calvin Klein Corduroy Pants
  • A 16pk of AA Batteries (actually needed AAA)
  • An 80 pack of fruit snacks (the wrong kind)
  • A 3 pack of 500/box Qtips (actually needed these too)
  • A tub of Pub Mix
  • A bag of grilled barbecue (redundant, no?) Pork Jerky
  • and, a "Pleasure Pack"

Wishful thinking? Maybe. Actually, most of these will probably expire if I don't get off this damn blog and get out more.

Anyway, what should have been less than a $45 trip to Costco turned out to be $125. I hear many people have the same problem at Target. That's cool and all, but Target shoppers don't get to have an exclusive membership where they can hang out with celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel.


  1. I agree Costco Dog = great deal. You always feel like a winner after a Costco Dog purchase. Don't forget though the other great lunch deals Costco has to offer. The Chicken bake (basically a Hot Pocket's big bro), 2 buck jumbo slice of pizza, and the famous $1 churro just to name a few.

    Yes sir, The Hot Dog still is the best deal out. I challenge anyone to find it's equal. My personal way to attack Costco at lunch is to hit up the samples for a quick appetizer. Grab my dog with all the fixings. Get the old suicide soda and out the door.

  2. You WOULD go suicide.

    But no, I TRY to get the samples but the Asians at Costco are super stingy and pushy and swoop in front of me non-stop. It's just not worth my patience half the time.