Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you wanna drive in The City, learn to park in The City.

This is fantastic.

Click to expand - and read the most ridiculous, passive-aggressive parking note. Ever.

Looks like Kevin over at Uptown Almanac found this over at The Tenderloin Geographic Society. Naturally, it's created quite the debate. Do these thing actually change parking behavior in the future? Do they just piss people off? Does whoever wrote this live in their parents' basement with 12 cats and knit all day in between making ridiculous capitalization and punctuational errors on insanely long notes to leave on cars?

Yes, yes, and most likely, yes.

However, I have to give some credit on this. Having not seen the way in which the car in question was actually parked, it's hard to pass judgement. What I can do is empathize with the author about the all to frequent use of two parking spots for one car. This happens far too often and I myself I have been tempted to leave a note so polite little note on a couple of cars over the years.

The funny thing is, I was victim to one of these notes not too long ago. It's below for your viewing pleasure:

Now, let's break this one down. Fortunately, I know EXACTLY how the car was parked - since it was my car. And it was not "in" a red zone. My front bumper may have been butting up against the edge of the foot of red paint near the driveway of this person's apartment, but in no way was it blocking free exit or entry to the driveway/garage. Furthermore, I know a tenant of the landlord who left this, and he confirmed the guy is a lunatic - as if the note in and of itself doesn't give off a red flag from the outset.

At least the thinly veiled sarcasm was rife with minor threats, right? Was he going to call the SFMTA to come ticket me if this were to happen again? Perhaps this was his attempt at drawing attention to the Parking Ticket Folks in the first place, since the note was BRIGHT yellow...

Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

Oh yeah. The reason why I was so close to the red in the first place? Observing the first and second rules of parking in a three car spot: 1) not taking more than my fair share of space, and 2) moving all the way forward to ensure common courtesy that two other cars would be able to fit in behind me. Trick.

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