Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proof girls lie.

You ever notice how girls are ALWAYS complimenting one another on their outfits, and you are sitting there playing boggle in your mind trying to get the letters right to understand what the hell they are thinking stepping out of the house like that? Well, I do.

In particular, there is a girl at work who constantly wears the most ridiculous outfits. Sometimes she looks like a french butler, other times it seems as though she watched an episode of Sex and the City and picked the worst piece of clothing from each episode and threw it all together. You really think you can pull off the shit Carrie Bradshaw does? Guess what, patna? You can't.

Anyway, since my best friend at the office recently left the firm to join the competition - lame -I've been trying to find ways in which to keep myself entertained. This week I decided to wear a hideous thrift store coat that was handed down to me from a friend who bought it to look like a high school principal. Anyway, here's a snap of me in the jacket (and my weekly scruff):

The funny thing? I received more compliments from the girls/ladies at the office wearing this outfit than in the nearly three years I've been there COMBINED. Now, I knew I looked ridiculous. I did. The funny thing is just how over-complimentary all these people felt they needed to be. And it wasn't sarcasm. Anyone that knows me, knows that I lay it on thick, so I'd have been pretty excited to catch a little sarcasm, but I got none! Don't get me wrong here, there were still quite a few people who looked at me like I was crazy, and I even got a couple of really hard double-takes, but the entire day I never let anybody know that the reason for me wearing the jacket was in the name of science. I calmly accepted every compliment, and made mental notes of the sideways glances.

My interpretation: Girls tell you that you look 'good' in the most ridiculous shit in the hopes that you will continue to look like a Project Runway reject and they, by default, will automatically have one less person to outdo. Ladies, especially. Some of the shit you wear is completely sloppy. Seriously. Really think hard about how you look the next time your 'friend' tells you that you look "amazing" in that outfit. It's not fashion forward to look like crap. It's actually crap.

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