Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Best (no quotes)

Simply put, made my week. Apparently there is some huge music festival up in Montreal called the Osheaga Music Festival that takes place every year and rivals Outside Lands in SF for quantity and quality of music. Sadly however, the quality of good looking hipster girls in SF fails to compare to what this photographer was able to track down last weekend.

Face paint? Sure. If you look like this and rock it properly, I'll give you a pass. If you're just a mess and trying to distract me from your numerous other flaws...that's another story.

The Baywatch look on a couple of non-fake boobed attention seekers? Yes. Please.

And this girl? I mean, she is working the librarian/hot teacher thing to a "T", and she looks like a young Demi Moore, no? Plus, everyone knows I like short hair, so she's a gamer all around.

-Above photos taken by Gordon von Steiner. See the whole set over at's Street Style Blog.

***Note: Now, I live in The Mission - what most of SF considers to be "Hipster-Central," a trendy area with a bunch of unique little shops and about 4,000 little hole-in-the-wall places to eat. But you already knew that, right? Right.

The issue with my location though is the fact that I'm just far enough away from Dolores Park that I end up missing the masses of these hipster girls where I can pick out the worthwhile few. I live off 24th Street, where the hipster vibe merges with the down-trodden plump, or the crazy skinny coked out girls over at Pop's who are desperately trying to fit in and seem only to be alienating themselves even more. I'm all for the hipster vibe. Some of the most real, genuine people I have ever met have considered themselves to be labeled as a "hipster". That's because no one goes out calling themselves a hipster - less they automatically lose street cred and said title.

Needless to say, if I need a break, I might be heading back east to see what else Canada has to offer. Aside from maple syrup and hockey.

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