Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Somethin' in the oven...

Why is it that anytime you try and cook something, everyone in the vicinity has to peek in the oven to see what the hell it is you are tryin' to schmack on? Seriously, I was trying to cook a pizza at a party Saturday night and 5-6 people in a 5 minute period all came up to me telling me the pizza was done. Interesting, no? How would you know if the pizza was done, unless you were peeking your snoopin' ass face all up in there?

You know, it actually might have been done by the time you looked, had everyone at the party not opened the damn thing and LET ALL THE HEAT OUT.

Anyway, the pizza was delicious and hit the spot as was planned. Just wondering...anyone else out there suffer from the same phenomenon?

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