Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here's a fun one...

We all remember Gross-Eater-Guy...he's the guy at the office that strolls in with a bag of McDonald's packed to the brim nearly everyday. Thinking he couldn't out do himself, I was proven wrong, yet again. On my way out to LUNCH today, I walked by his desk and literally took the wind out of myself with my reaction to what was before me.

Now, aside from the fact that this is simply a disgusting mess of a workstation, I want you to look carefully and play a little game of Photohunt - except instead of trying to find the missing shoe or the missing eye on the dog next to the naked ladies - I want you to find the TWO bags of McDonald's and the can of soda (likely his 5th or 6th of the day). Also of note, though you can't see them, there are several "Mini Candy" Wrappers tucked in the right corner as well. Yu-CKY.

The truly amazing thing however? I took this picture while he was - get this - on his LUNCH BREAK!

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