Monday, August 16, 2010


If any of you have tried this, you know it tastes like cold, watered-down piss (don't ask how I have a knowledge of comparison).

Regardless, if you look behind the billboard, you'll notice that the there appears to be something that has been missing from our wonderful 7x7 - BLUE SKIES and SUNSHINE! Yup. Got home from work and immediately slapped on the running shoes in order to take advantage of the first clear weekday I've seen in a good while. Especially, since I only had about an hour or two before the fog crawled past Sutro and rejoined the Mission.

As you can see from this beautiful, in no way inferior, iPhone photo the fog was already coming in strong. As a result, I chose to take my run straight down Folsom, past the crack-alleys, and right on down to the Embarcadero. Thankfully, I wasn't left disappointed when I got there.

The view out to the East Bay was crystal clear, and the sun was still shining on me at the 4 mile turn around mark I had established mid-way through the run.

Rather than head back the same way, however, I took the opportunity to throw in a little bit of a workout and elected to run up California Street. Now, if you're unfamiliar with California Street, it is one of the most iconic streets in SF. The second most popular cable car runs right up it, and from what my watch told me, you gain 993 ft from the base at Montgomery to the top at Grace Cathedral (wildly inaccurate, but it fooled my Garmin, right?). All in less than half a mile. While the picture doesn't do the steepness factor justice, it's still a nice little memento of what you just accomplished.

In fact, if you click on the picture to make it a little bigger, you can see that I'm about even with the top of the Bay Bridge. This would put me at a much more realistic 250 ft elevation gain. Anyway, after this I pretty much wound my way through Nob Hill, The Tendernob, onto Van Ness and back to Shotwell, where, as it turns out, another one of my roommates is moving out. If you're looking for a room, in an awesome house in San Francisco, check it out here.

Or just creep on my house. Your choice.

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