Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is LITERALLY ridiculous.

Do you guys have friends or know people who ALWAYS start their conversations with the same...exact...word/phrase? I sure do. There are the people who end EVERY statement with, "...ya know what I mean?" as if we are actually supposed to really know what they mean, when we have no clue. Or those that start every sentence with, "Seriously though..." or "When you actually think about it.." or "Well..." or "I don't know..." or...

I think you get my point.

This one has to take the cake though, especially because this chick (literally) has no idea what she is saying.

(Found via Daisy, via Jezebel).

This is one of those videos that you kinda loathe right at the beginning, but then that smile creeps across your face about half way through, and then by the end you're just angry. It's also fun to listen to the em-PHASIS she (sometimes) puts on the "T" in the middle of the word. Fortunately for her, she is good looking and rather famous. Otherwise she would probably just be another girl who is "good from far" but "far from good". Instead, she has her own show on Bravo that no one watches.

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