Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Most people don't believe something without at least some form of "proof". I know I usually don't, especially because you all lie about the lamest shit on the daily. So here's my proof that I ran the SF Half Marathon.

Seriously, there is no debating that this is 100% authentic "proof". I mean, it clearly states at least that much. Courtesy of the Marathonfoto. Not sure if I'm going to get sued for copyright infringement or not, but I imagine since this blog is worthless (in the monetary sense - Clearly, it's entertainment value is priceless) I shouldn't have anything to worry about. In fact, I'm pretty sure the biggest concern I have right now is finding out what was going on in my head that made me decide to throw up the "shaka" while running past the photographer. To give myself a little credit, this was less than a quarter mile from the finish and I was in a pretty heated sprint...but still. I mean, I knew I wasn't going to go with the "thumbs up" or the lame-o standard "peace" sign:

I mean, what was I really gonna go with? The "rock on"?

Of course not. This is sadly overplayed and far too often used - whether the thumb is tucked in or not makes no difference, so don't fool yourself into thinking it does. I was thinking of perhaps doing a classic fist pump but looking back I now noticed what I should have done the entire time.

Yup. JAZZ HANDS. Effin' JAZZ HANDS. Next time, race. Next time...

Anyway, I also stumbled upon a little something else when I was looking for the results of the half-marathon. It turns out that djtennessee over at Exercising While Intoxicated took the race to whole new levels. Rather than settling for the easy game of sloshball that we all enjoy partaking in every now and then This guy chose to undertake a much more noble challenge and made his mission to try and drink 13 beers in 13 miles while (somewhat) running the first half of the SF Marathon. Check out the site for his recollection - or lack thereof - and photos.


*Note: This guy was actually shut down from Blogspot and had to transfer to Wordpress for some of his earliest antics - like plotting out all the liquor stores along the Bay to Breakers route the year stuff got "really crazy." I wonder if they'll do it to me now too. Who am I kidding, no one cares what the hell I'm up to on my 15 follower blog (16 including me, suckas!). But just in case, all photos not of me stolen directly from marathonfoto were taken from good ol', 100% reliable, never made up by anyone, and clearly accurate wikipedia.

(Note#2: I just tried to link to a Wikipedia page explaining sloshball and NOTHING came up. If you want to undertake something awesome, go to wikipedia and post a wiki page on the awesomeness that is sloshball. I would, but I spend way too much of my precious time writing this damn blog for you guy not to read).

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  1. Bwammo. Just up'd your followers to 18. This is pretty amazing. I read the "13 beers in 13 miles" thing. The bib said, "Sarah". This will fool law enforcement if there's any trouble. Hilarious. Keep it up, man.