Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's "Best"

Been quite some time since I threw down a 'real' Friday's "Best". Luckily for you, I was able to scour the Internet to come fresh with some "good shit".

This first one should really have an entire blog dedicated to it, since so many of you out there can barely get your "their", "there" and "they're" placed in the right context. For you guys, I'm not entirely sure what to do. Maybe, pick up a cyber pistol and chew it? For those of you that have those down, see how many of these you routinely get wrong.

24 Things You Might Be Saying Wrong, from your friends over at Reader's Digest who have been making some of the best "me time" reading material for nearly a century. Some highlights:
You might say: Mano a mano

You might mean: Man-to-man

Why: You don't speak Spanish by adding vowels to the end of English words, as a columnist describing father–teenage son relationships seemed to think when he wrote, "Don't expect long, mano a mano talks." Mano a mano (literally, "hand to hand") originated with bullfighting and usually refers to a knock-down, drag-out direct confrontation.

You might say: Less

You might mean: Fewer

Why: In general, use fewer when you're specifying a number of countable things ("200 words or fewer"); reserve less for a mass ("less than half"). So when you're composing a tweet, do it in 140
characters or fewer, not less.

You never mean: Hone in

You always mean: Home in

Why: Like homing pigeons, we can be single-minded about finding our way to a point: "Scientists are homing in on the causes of cancer." Hone means "to sharpen": "The rookie spent the last three seasons honing his skills in the minor leagues." But it's easy to mishear m's and n's, which is probably what happened to the Virginia senator who said, "We've got to hone in on cost containment." If you're unsure, say "zero in" instead.

Got you thinking at least, right? Right.


This next one scares me just a little too much, too actually NOT try. If anyone knows me at all, they for sure know that my favorite food in the entire world is a sandwich (absolutely no pickles). But this? This takes it a bit too far...

via BetweentheBread


What's that? A pop top? Yup. But wait...In addition to the pre-packaged, infinite-shelf-life-having "meal" there's a...TOY SURPRISE INSIDE??? Believe it. AWESOME! I sure hope it doesn't mess with my delicious BBQ "chicken". Strike one for the sandwich world...


This one actually might have some value, though the choices for the designs are a bit questionable. By way of Periqueblend via Richard Smith's Dollar ReDe$ign Project.I can't really get behind Obama being on the $1 Bill, simply because he is still alive, and also because having him as President is such a contentious topic in our culture, it could actually hinder a project like this from even getting off the ground. The Native American tribes on the $5? I don't know...again, pretty contentious. I do like the idea of the Bill of Rights though on the $10. Anyway, check out the site and think about what might be possible. The actual structural redesign makes a ton of sense.


Finally. I wanted to bring you the really, really, creepy trailer for "That Facebook Movie," The Social Network.

Radiohead's "Creep" in the background, sang by what sounds like an all girls choir? Heeby-Jeebies for sure. Anyway, don't go quitting Facebook now, especially since that is how most of you guys find out I'm even alive and writing this blog.
*Yeah, that link about Facebook trying to trademark "face" and "book" is ACTUALLY 100% real.
Anyway, it's Friday. Peace!


  1. Um...does the candwich come in ham flavor? Maybe sans condiments?

  2. I will search high and low for it.