Thursday, August 19, 2010

Russian River Beer Revival and BBQ Cookoff!

My favorite weekend of the year is finally here! Russian River Beer Revival and BBQ Cookoff. $55 all you can drink, all you can eat...and with the river right there, all you can swim. The fact this events sells out every year at least 2 months in advance is a testament to its sheer awesomeness. 

Tack on a Hayward Street Party with my family, tomorrow off work, and camping with my best friends of over 10 years...? Shit, getting a little misty eyed just thinking about it. I'm so excites I actually blogged this through my iPhone at work. Sorry for the lack of photos. I'll have a follow up blog with pictures of all the action when I get back.

Like I said, the event is completely sold out, but you can still check out the website via Google, or check out Yelp!

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