Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best Fastfood Breakfast. This is not up for debate.

Seriously, don't even try and come with something else. Just ain't gonna happen. I have a buddy that murdered 10 Sausage McMuffins w/ Egg in a row. These things are simply delicious.

This morning when I was watching the chick behind the counter make it, I noticed she sprayed a sauce on it that I had never seen before - it was the color of hollandaise...almost. It goes on the half of McMuffin that has the cheese on it. I've never noticed it before, because the delectable little slice of "cheese" goes on top and quickly melts to the McMuffin, sealing in a little burst of heaven of what is surely a trade secret of that gingey Ronald McDonald himself. If anyone can clue me in on what it actually is...don't. Odds are I don't want to - and don't really need to - know.

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