Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's "Best"

So Lebron James moved to Miami. Whatever. Basketball is just following suit with every other mainstream sport by trying to buy a franchise victory. Big whoop. You wanna know how awesome Lebron James really is? This week Lebron single handedly moved the market! That's right, based on speculation that Lebron might play for the New York Knicks, Madison Square Garden stock (the Company who owns the Knicks) jumped more than 5% intraday. Take a look at the chart:

chart from here.

You see that huge white spike about 3/4 of the way across the screen? Yeah. That's the two hour time frame when the price jump took place based on speculation that Lebron might be heading to hang with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys in "NEW YORK" (anybody?). You'll also notice the next day when the stock price of MSG quickly returned to it's Pre-Lebron Hype levels. That's because he wasn't. Interesting, no? Okaay, fine.

But what about this? I mean, come on. Read that headline at least twice (I'm sure a few of you will need at least three or four goes at it) and tell me it's not funny. You actually have to click on the link to get the joke. Seriously, I'm not making it that easy for you.

originally located at

Finally, something that will at least make you smile if not laugh out loud. See how I spelled that out? Yeah, WAY better than text talk, right? Just make sure you watch the whole thing.

This guy was in Yosemite and obviously indulged himself in something way beyond my scope of comprehension - something that, next time I see a rainbow, I hope to have near to me for quick consumption. I mean, seriously. If you are still watching and haven't cracked up to me favor and close the browser window now, never to return to this blog.

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