Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Rather than plop down in front of the TV and zone out (read: get fat and dumb), it's nice sometimes to make your brain and body work at least a little bit. That's why last night after cooking dinner and hitting the dishes, I got down to business in one of the best ways out.

That's right. Jenga! Jenga! Yeah. Only one of the most basic, awesome games you could ever play. My favorite part is that every body thinks they are better than everyone else at Jenga. Kind of like Tetris. Umm, except that I really am one of the best Tetris (NES) players you'll ever step to. No. Seriously.

Plus...that Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream! Shiiiiiiiiit. Hey, I don't bust my ass working out to not eat like shit sometimes. Besides, that level is pretty much where I left it before it went back in the freezer.

Seriously though, if you get bored, bust out some playing cards or a board game every once in a while. It definitely breaks the monotony. Of course, you can always check the blog when you're bored, too.

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