Friday, July 9, 2010

The City's "Best"

Since I had mandatory training today, I didn't have to go into the office and instead wound up downtown for some FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) regulatory continuing education (read: boring ass tutorials and quizzes on what we are supposed to be doing). Anyway, each test taker is allotted 3 and 1/2 hours to finish. Being that the test started at 8am, and knowing that Mac D's only serves that delicious aforementioned breakfast combo until 10:30, I made quick work of the exam, and finished at 9:27. Just under an hour and a half.

Being that I was already downtown off of California, I whipped around the corner and summarily destroyed a #2 breakfast combo from the Golden Arches. Now that I had my morning off to the right start, I wondered what I would get up to. Hmm, the fog hadn't quite broken by 11:00am, but having carnal knowledge of weather systems in SF during the summer, I knew I had about 40 minutes before the weather cleared up and I was able to enjoy this industry approved "day-off". Having just indulged in a nearly 1000 calorie breakfast, I figured a bike ride was in order. Luckily for you, that means pictures of SF's many oddities.

I started off exploring Bernal Heights since this and the Mission were the only two completely sunny areas of the City by the time I had taken off on my adventure. Cortland has a nice little hill on the Southwest side that gets the heart rate going if you let it. However, it was this awesome at the bottom of the hill at Bayshore where I knew I was in for an awesome ride today:

"Will dew! I'll be sure not to due anything, say, cross that street drinking a Mountain Do and not pay attention to what all the cars are dueing!" Really? I mean, come on. Jesus...Glad to know these City workers are getting tax payer funded pensions but can't figure out elementary school level grammar

Moving on, I took my trusty two-wheeler into Potrero Hill to see what kind of gems I could find. Fittingly, I stumbled upon this:

I mean, duh...

Turned out there was something else awesome at this intersection, unfortunately, it was gravely mistaken:

40MPGs is not the "new fiesta". To twenty-somethings, the "new fiesta" is a 30 pack or two of cheap beer (preferably Keystone Light) and a couple of limes. THAT is the "new fiesta".

Or how about this. I could fiesta to this, for sure:

Based off a tip I got from the guys over at Broke-Ass Stuart, I had to check this place out. Sure enough, ONE DOLLAR PINTS OF NEGRA MODELO! ON DRAFT! Yes. PLEASE. Of course, my dumb/broke-ass didn't have cash, and being a Mexican Restaurant in Hayes Valley, they OF COURSE don't take anything BUT cash. Grrrr...

By now I was hungry, and thirsty as all hell. My back was completely sweat-soaked and I needed sustenance. As a result I headed to the place I know doesn't care what you are wearing or how you smell. Rhea's Deli at 19th and Valencia. It's actually a liquor store, but has the BEST sandwich in the City in the signature Korean Steak.

The best part? Like I said the place is a liquor store, too! Having ridden nearly 15 miles on my bike by this point, I grabbed a delicious 24 of Red Stripe to wash this sweet & spicy sandwich down. The place even has a little bar-esque table to sit and eat at, and if the owner doesn't "know about it" *wink*, (direct quote and action, from the owner himself) you can drink your beer. Which is exactly what I did. The meal itself came in at just about $12, but I didn't even start on the second half (the monster on the left side of the picture). Best believe that is gonna make for some great drunk schmackums.

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