Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's "Best"

Welcome to another Friday. As Bubb-Rubb would say, "Whooo-Whooooooo!"
This not only means the weekend is here and you can drink yourself stupid without fear of being late to work (assuming your a MF 9-5'er like me, or more like 6-3'er, but whatever), this means I'm here to bring you the best of Friday - and the rest of the week.

This first one comes to us all the way from Ha Noi, Vietnam:

Hanoi crazy night traffic from vinceslas on Vimeo.
*I love how Vimeo credits itself, saves me so much time.

Now, people say Asians can't drive. Aaaaaaand, from what I've seen in the City, that's a pretty solid generalization. However, looking at this video you might notice something. There are ZERO accidents. Strange right? Even more ridiculous...? Yeah. There are ZERO traffic signals and street signs. Kind of a free for all and it somehow works. I mean, you've got mopeds swerving, people walking right through the middle of the god damn street and cabbies hopped up on 'whatever-the-hell', but they are all making it. I also appreciate the time stop action video over the sweet beats, which are more and more becoming my favorite mode of watching the days go by.

Next up is an article I found over at Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website. Go ahead and click on that link and get back to me in a second. I'll wait..........

Now, I found this write-up particularly interesting not only because it was written by a girl, but also because I'll actually be in Vegas next weekend for a bachelor party. I'm mostly interested in seeing if what has been mentioned is really the case, and to naturally judge on the quality of the boobs versus the quality of the girl.

This is a particularly poor example. It's bad enough that those ridiculous orbs sit still all by themselves, but a whole separate issue that her face looks like that of Koko the Gorilla:


Anyway, I pretty much share the same sentiment as the author of the post, especially #5 on the list. If you think you have self-confidence issues now and need fake tits, wait 'til you get the attention you "always wanted" and realize that maybe it wasn't you the guy is actually interested in. Oh, and that roofie in your drink? That was because you were such an amazing intellectual that the 'bro' you were talking to wanted to make love to your stellar wit and your school girl charm....

Totally tangential. Sorry, I'll get back to it now.

Lastly, I want to point out that I'll be running in the San Francisco Marathon Events this coming Sunday. Though I was originally training for the full marathon, my overzealous self ended up pushing through some minor injuries and turning them into much larger ones - sidelining me from running for a good 2 months. I am back though, and will be doing the 1st half of the marathon. What's the point, you ask? Wellllll, if you think you are going to be anywhere near SF this Sunday, make note of the road closures available here, Road Closures for SF Marathon. The event starts at 5:30am (!) and should still be fairly dark when we get started running, if this pic from is any indication:
Should be awesome. I'll make sure to give you guys a full update. 'Til next week, here's a little Friday outro. Enjoy yourselves.

Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray from Ansioso4miPrincesa on Vimeo.

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