Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's "Best"

Another week down, and we're - well, most of us - are fortunate to have been afforded a 3-day weekend to "honor our country". Of course, we twenty-somethings already know what that means: drinking to a black out and more than likely wearing some kind of white trash outfit to show every other country exactly why they should hate us. So in honor of those companies that have given us the 3-day weekend none of us deserve, I'm bringing you another version of Friday's Best.

This first one has been floating around the Internet for a couple days, but it speaks such volumes about the culture of selling out, I had to repost courtesy of commenter "plumpy" over at one of my favorite time waster blogs,

I mean,we all know that NWA stood for "Niggas With Attitude." At least it used to. I think it now means Ice Cube is "Never Welcome Again" in Oakland. We all should have guessed something was up when he was born O'Shea Jackson, and graduated from a high-school in suburban Woodland Hills, CA. So don't say he sold out. Let's just say he went back to his 'roots'.

Sticking with the theme of giving props to my neighborhood, this picture comes from one of the best photographer groups' in SF website,

These guys take awesome pictures all over The City, often profiling some of SFs most unique/visible characters. They even use real cameras, too. Like, nice ones! So take some time and check 'em out.

Have a good weekend all!

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