Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Inspiration for Blogging

A lot of people wonder why I spend time writing this blog. Despite a number of different reasons, I'd say that my main inspiration came by way of a blog that I had been following for a little over a year, called ClubTrillion. I could give you a rundown of what it's all about, or, I could save myself the time and show you. Thanks YouTube.

The first video is a little documentary that's worth watching through the 8 minute mark.

This next video is just pure enjoyment. If you don't crack a smile, feel free to light yourself on fire and slap it out with a cactus.

Anyway, he briefly stopped blogging and it really bummed me out. He is supposed to be coming back with a new entry sometime in the next couple of days. Keep an eye out for it. If your like me - and you should be - you won't be disappointed. Plus, you won't have to ask me what my shirt means next time you see me.

Don't freak yourself out about the mirror; using MS Paint I inverted the image, so you could read the shirt. Man, technology...

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