Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweat. It. Out.

Still not feeling all the greatest from the weekend, with the boozes side effects still very much resonating in my body, I took to the streets again for another good distance run. Thinking/planning on doing a light 6, I wound up putting in another 10+ miler yesterday.

Here's an actual map of my run. Yeah, my actual run. If you are a runner, or even a walker or cyclist, check out the website Despite all the ads, you can actually map the courses you've done and actually keep a log of your training and progress. Since I like to take pictures on my runs and bike rides, I'll try and make notes of where I took what pictures so that you can have your own little interactive experience with my journeys.

Yesterday I only took a couple of photos because I was really trying to focus on the run and attack some good hills (Castro-Divisadero. On the way up 17th, I noticed this, which I thought was just a little ironic:

As far as I know, prosper means to continually make progress, NOT to come to an end. Oh well.

The next picture I took was of my 5 mile marker/turnaround point. Note: I run with a Garmin GPS/Watch/Pace/Calorie,etc. reader, so I know how far/fast I'm going/gone, and a bunch of other stuff. Easily one of the best investments I've made as far as running/biking is concerned.

Pretty much the raddest tree in GG Park and it's right past the DeYoung on JFK if you are heading East-to-West.

Double Note: I don't wear headphones when I run. It is already dangerous enough running the City streets, let alone being unable to hear what all is going on around you. Aside from that, the runs take on a much better feel when you listen to your body and your breathing. Plus, you don't miss all the awesome stuff around you:

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