Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Crackhead a Day, Keeps the Tourists Away

Came upon this website the other day that keeps an eye on out on the intersection of 6th and Stevenson in the South of Market Area of San Francisco, in particular a very happening port-o-potty. This isn't your Metreon SoMa, neither.

Check it out - pretty crazy stuff. Skip past the the first entry since it was more concerned with some movie or commercial being filmed (blah, blah, blah), as opposed to everybody's one true love - crackheads doing what they do best: pissin', shittin' and smokin' rock in plain view. Crackhead(s) #3.5 take things to a whole 'nother level. (Note: NSFW).

Crackhead #6, Video #2 is a personal fave, merely for the commentary. But feel free to check them out for yourself. Even Tyrone Biggums would be shocked to see some of this stuff.


  1. ah I see now, thanks for mentioning my blog, but you got the links from the tags, and I dunno why that movie 'Rent' was in there

    the proper links is in the category section


    oh yeah, and you can watch crackhead alley live!


    it's a free show from now on folks, just like Woodstock for crackheads....weeeeee

  2. P.S....crackheads of the day #16 is the most NSFW


    you sure you want to see this?