Friday, July 9, 2010

Uggh, what an awful day...

Yesterday was the worst! You may have noticed I completely missed a post. Let me just begin with what happened...

I woke up late to go to work and had to rush to the shower. Three of my housemates were waiting in line to use the bathroom, so you could say I was in a rush. Not only that, but I was completely nervous about being late to work so I was rushing to get the situation under control. I hopped in the shower and while doing it stubbed my toe. *Shit*.

Then, instead of putting face wash on my face, I involuntarily grabbed the bottle next to it and squirted it on. It turned out to be mouthwash. Great...An accident for sure, but I sure hope my face doesn't peel off because of it. If I get a rash or whatever, it'll be what I deserve, but I probably shouldn't pay for it for the rest of my life.

Anyway, after that I rush to put on clothes and in my haste, I involuntarily pull my zipper up a little too quickly and pinch myself "you-know-where". *Shit*. Another accident, but I sure hope I don't lose all functioning in my weiner because of it. If it hurts for awhile, maybe I'll learn to be a little more careful.

Dressed and out the door, I hop in my car and since the pressure is on to get to work on time, I manage to involuntarily put the car in drive instead of reverse. *Shit*. I punch the gas and ram right into the car in front of me. Again, what a series of unfortunate events. I hope my license isn't revoked for it. Although, if I am liable for the damage to the car, it is certainly something that I'll have to pay for.

I get to work and immediately have 20+ things on my desk. In my haste to place an order for a client, I involuntarily sell 2000 shares of a mutual fund instead of 2000 dollars. There is about a $15000 difference in the two orders. *Shit*. Now I have to run around and try and get the order fixed since the market is continually moving and any difference in price has to be recouped by the firm. I hope I don't lose my job because of it, but if I get reprimanded and written-up it is clearly something I deserve for making a mistake.

The workday finishes up and I head home. Out of nowhere, traffic comes to a screeching halt on the freeway and I involuntarily slam on the gas instead of the brake! I mean, they are right next to each other. Of course, I slam right into the car in front of me. Luckily everyone was okay. I show my insurance and we exchange information. I sure hope I'm able to drive again after the DMV finds out about it. It would really suck if the rest of my life I was relegated to walk everywhere because of a mistake I made. Granted, I'm sure my insurance will go up a result. Something that I will rightfully have to pay more for if I wish to keep driving.

*Note: None of the aforementioned events actually transpired.

Any of these things sound familiar or remotely possible? Interesting. Sounds like the logic behind these things is similar to a recent news story (in case you were under a rock, the Johannes Mehserle trial verdict: Involuntary Manslaughter).

Look, I don't know what happened that night. Neither do you. The jury heard the "evidence" in the case and made a decision based on what they saw and heard. Unfortunately a life was lost in the process, and the officer in the case is now paying for that. Not only in jail time, but the life he leads will never fully recover from the things that he has done - accident or not. Believe it or not, this trial was groundbreaking. This is the first time in recent memory that a police officer has EVER been convicted of anything relating to the use of a gun while in the line of duty.

I know some of you wanted more and some of you wanted less. The thing that is important here is the fact that because of this groundbreaking verdict, police are now being held (more) liable for their actions while in the line of duty. They are undergoing more stringent training and testing. However, if the verdict still leaves you upset, I encourage you to take action in your community. Join a citizen task force that works in conjunction with police. Educate your family and friends on how they can avoid confrontations with the police, that may end in a bad situation. There are always two sides to every story. Hopefully in the future, we can work towards the blurring of those lines into becoming one.

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